birthday happies to The Person

There’s this soul that mine connects with and loves wholly. It’s beautiful, determined and has the childlike desire to learn everything. And as a bonus it comes packaged as one seriously good looking human being. He’s my friend, my love and happy maker. And today I get to celebrate his birth into this world. Happy […]

that time i did a voice over course

Sometimes the strangest opportunities come our way and if you have parents like mine then you were also brought up to grab at those opportunities when they come no matter how strange or seemingly useless they might be. I got an invite to join in on a voice over course. I had no idea what […]

Dino’s and Kuga’s

Ford sent me a Kuga (yes I know, I’m a spoiled brat) with a fully stocked picnic (go on and hate me) for the family with instructions to take a mini road trip to Kirstenbosch and have a really great day so we did! Thankfully the weather played nice and we got to lay under […]

you people in my Mac

I have met and made “friends” with so many people on SM since joining. People from all walks at life that I’d never have met unless I was on SM. Because of it I’ve written a book with a friend, I’ve designed a magazine cover with another, found love and been able to keep up […]

Here’s something you can add to your daily routine with your kids

If you missed my post about the awesome M-Net Movies Family activation last month, you also missed out on some really cool arts and crafts! Luckily, M-Net Movies Family loves parents so much; they’ve set up a dedicated Pinterest page filled with fun activities to keep little hands busy. The best part about it is […]

when SM friends become RL friends!

When I was up in Pretoria we realised that the gorgeous @hir_or_their lives just around the corner (in jozi terms) from where we were staying at The Person’s mom’s place so we decided that this time while I was that side of the world we’d make a plan to meet up – because when I […]

a little something from Mr Price

Did you know that Mr Price has an online store? I didn’t but wow that makes life so much easier! Sometimes there are things at certain stores but not at ours so now instead of missing out all I have to do is log on and voila there it is, the best thing I noticed was […]