27th sun rotation

It’s my birthday! The annual celebration of my rotation around the sun. I’m sort of sad to see 26 go, it was a good year, highs and lows but mostly really good then again if it was so good I can only imagine how great 27 is going to be. Yes I was spoiled, I […]

chapter 31

Read chapter 30 here with greenlydia  I awkwardly stand leaning up against the counter top and squeeze the piping bag with my good hand, I don’t know why I always set challenges like this for myself but I was bored and decided I wanted cupcakes so I carved out a section of the kitchen for […]

wheat free vegan cupcakes – banana and peanutbutter

We were invited to a vintage themed farewell for one of The Person’s friends and I suggested we take cupcakes (cause momma taught me never to show up empty handed) and he mentioned that she is wheat intolerant so I decided hell, let’s bake some wheat free vegan cupcakes… For the cake you’ll need: • […]