favourite time of the year #blogvember

Autumn, hands down autumn and second up spring. I adore the mid-seasons, the sun is warm but not blistering and the cold is cool but not biting. I love the overcast days that only lightly nip at your toes and the lack of harsh winds. I like watching the leaves change colour and leave the […]

chapter 11

You can read chapter 10 here – greenlydia I ‘m not getting out of bed today. My toes are cold, my nose is snotty and I feel about as happy as that depressed duck I’ve been working on the past few days. I don’t like today, I’m going to back to sleep. I’ll try this […]

aspiring hooker

No man, not THAT kind of hooker! Get your mind out of the gutter. I’ve started working towards ticking things off my bucket list; next week we’re going on our 2nd camping trip for the year, I’ve been trying to read and The Person is helping me fix up the yard. This weekend I started […]

Tales of a lemon tree

I have this lemon tree in my yard, she a petite little thing but fierce and protective of her fruits, she always comes off better when going up against her and her thorny armour. But don’t let looks fool you, she’s strong and a real survivor with the sweetest fruits. Every year she gets neglected […]

Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional

Grown-ups tend to lose their childish imagination somwhere along the path to adulthood. Swinging takes up time we don’t have, playing cars turns into the mundane rush hour drive and rainy days are spent bitching about how it’s time for summer to hurry along… WOW, being an adult sounds kind of boring when put like […]