one of those tough times

Yesterday the biodads sister came around to fetch Fysh for sushi. My child LOVES sushi and gifts. She bribed him (I’m his mother, only I’m allowed to bribe him) with both but he refused to go with her. I have no idea why, out of that entire family she’s the only one who’s ever actually […]

send some mail

A while back I was given an opportunity to have a few cards printed at industry quality and rates. With cashflow being what it is I almost declined but then decided hell, run a print and get just a few of them. So I’d like to introduce a limited batch of cards of Charlie painted […]

Mad Max Fury Road {Review}

It’s a car chase through the desert. A really long car chase with a whole lot of shooting and explosions, some crazy half breed zombie kinda people, a Charlize Theron, some Australian models and a hot Max. That’s about the summary of the movie, the short version and the long. Oh and no, you don’t […]

the cock song

Right, so we’ve already come to the conclusion that kids say hilarious things and mine is no different. Well Fysh went to go and get a bottle of premix cocktail out the fridge for me. Fysh: why is it called called a cocktail? Me: I don’t know. Fysh: is it made from cocks? Me: *coughs* […]

That time Neill Anthony served me lunch

You know you’ve made it in the world when celebrity chef Neill Anthony cooks AND serves you lunch! Oh yes, it totes happened and I have photos to prove it. So why was a celebrity chef cooking for me? Right, so I do have to disclose that it wasn’t just for me, it was for […]

channeling my inner pinup

Meg from Mind The Curves contacted me last week and asked if I’d be keen to do a makeover with her, as in me being the one who got the makeover. I agreed but I’ll admit I was hesitant. I’m at the highest weight I’ve ever been and sexy is not in my vocabulary at […]