that time i did a voice over course

Sometimes the strangest opportunities come our way and if you have parents like mine then you were also brought up to grab at those opportunities when they come no matter how strange or seemingly useless they might be. I got an invite to join in on a voice over course. I had no idea what […]

Dino’s and Kuga’s

Ford sent me a Kuga (yes I know, I’m a spoiled brat) with a fully stocked picnic (go on and hate me) for the family with instructions to take a mini road trip to Kirstenbosch and have a really great day so we did! Thankfully the weather played nice and we got to lay under […]

That time Neill Anthony served me lunch

You know you’ve made it in the world when celebrity chef Neill Anthony cooks AND serves you lunch! Oh yes, it totes happened and I have photos to prove it. So why was a celebrity chef cooking for me? Right, so I do have to disclose that it wasn’t just for me, it was for […]

the #CTMeetUp

Okay this post is going to be shorter than I planned because I wrote a really awesome one mentioning EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE and linked to all the amazing sponsors that gifted us at the meet but then wordpress decided you’re not allowed to read it so an error occurred. And nope, a draft of it […]


sunflowers and no make up selfies

Sometimes things happen that we can’t explain. Sometimes companies really just get it right. This is one of those times. Caffeine and Fairydust asked on her facebook page what is the one thing you really want for mothers day, I didn’t have to think about it, I want flowers from Fysh. Obviously he’s too young […]


Protect your self-confidence, by remembering that to be alive is an act of courage. Don’t allow to be unnecessarily influenced by other people thinking. Most of the times we deny our own beauty because others can’t or won’t recognize it. Then, instead of accepting ourselves as we are, we try to imitate what we see […]

the #CTMomBlogMeet at @grazecapetown

Cindy from 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 old house arranged a fantastic meet up for mommy bloggers, it was amazing! We all met at Graze in Kenilworth which is the cutest and most accommodating cafe I’ve been to in a long time. Despite having a set menu they actually whipped up the most divine salad […]