the #CTMeetUp

Okay this post is going to be shorter than I planned because I wrote a really awesome one mentioning EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE and linked to all the amazing sponsors that gifted us at the meet but then wordpress decided you’re not allowed to read it so an error occurred. And nope, a draft of it wasn’t saved because this time round I’d written it straight on here unlike my usual pages to wordpress method.

*insert angry face*

So you’ll just have to know that Cindy (3 kids 2 dogs and 1 old house) seriously out did herself and the meet totally lived up to all the hype! I mean just have a look at the photo. That’s what we got in the goodie bags, this doesn’t include the prizes Cindy handed out when she put her Oprah suit on. Yeah, SPOILED!

I’ll be reviewing my favourites on here and instagram (@cupcakemummy) over the next few days/weeks so keep an eye out. Maybe this will help get my blog mojo back. Or maybe i just need to give it a make over. Sorry, been a little quiet around here, I blame it on the stress of going freelancing. It ain’t easy shoo.



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