Lunch Punch sandwich cutters review and giveaway

We got the cutest delivery from Spotty Frog last week – lunch punch sandwich cutters! So let’s give them the soapbox and hear what they have to say about their product:

Lunch punch sandwich cutters are here to save the day!!!
This fantastic new product is special, easy, fun and healthy: Now you can cut off that unappealing crust and transform your kiddies sandwich into a healthy, fun, interactive and educational experience. The Lunch Punch® is

  • Phthalate FREE
  • PVC Free and lead FREE
  • Made from FDA certified food-grade plastic
  • 100% recyclable (includes packaging)
  • Kid friendly and dishwasher safe

We have found that bread sizes are different all around the world. Our cutters will work with any size bread but are especially great for regular to large-ish bread. Exact cutter dimensions are 9 cm X 9.5cm X 3cm deep. Works with any size bread.

With that in mind I decided it was my turn to put them through a variety of test. We got the Match
& Munch (puzzle cutters) set as well as the Vrrrm (transportation) set, my favorite obviously being the puzzle and as someone pointed out: puzzle pieces are the sort of “logo” for autism/aspergers so they are appropriate in our household, but Fysh loves the airplane and train ones.
We made ham and cheese sandwiches and they cut so well, obviously they aren’t metal so if you are making one of those deluxe sandwiches that I used to love (my sister says I make sandwiches like a guy) you might have a bit of a problem getting them cut.match and munch lunch punch

The best part (in my opinion) is that they cut the crusts off! I hate the crusts on the bread, when I was a kid I saw a truck full of fresh bread and the workers had taken their shoes off and put their feet among the crates and on the bread (it was a cold morning) and have since refused to eat the crust unless I make the bread myself. Fysh won’t eat the crusts either and whether or not it’s a personal choice or because mom doesn’t we’ll never know.

Yes bread size differs so how much is “wasted” sort of depends on the size of bread you buy, I bought a few different loaves to try out and found that you can buy the sort of smaller health loaves and they work perfectly, the cutters just fit in between the crusts so cuts off the bits it should and not much else. And let’s face it, send bread to school in a lunch box and what comes back? Bite size chunks out of the sandwich with the crust still rolling about the lunchbox.

I decided to bake some biscuits for the cookie jar seeing as it was looking rather depleted. Sadly the puzzle pieces don’t fit into one another once the biscuit is cooked, it might just be the biscuit recipe I use though and the fact that I didn’t let it harden in the fridge before cutting it as the sandwich pieces obviously fit into another.puzzle cookies

You can even use the cutters to cut out fruit! (image shamelessly stolen from the spotty frog facebook page and instagrammed)puzzle fruit

There are 4 different cutter sets in total, the two that we have as well as the sand*wishes and Critter Cutters sets. Each set is sold separately and will cost you R200 a set (each set comes with 4 cutters). My housemate pointed out that this is a lot to spend on cutters when you could just use cookie cutters and after trying them out I can say she is right BUT the Lunch Punch cutters are made specifically to cut sandwiches and their square design helps (depending on the size of your bread) minimize wastage whereas cookie cutters waste quite a bit of bread (been there, tried that).

So would I recommend you go out and get a set or 4? Yes! I know that when I have some moola to spare again I’ll be getting the other two sets. My kid is going to have the coolest food at school and our parties and picnics will never be the same again! I’m actually itching to go picnic just so I can rock up with awesome food hahaha. Yeah I’m odd. Deal with it.

Now… if you made it this far down in my awesome ramblings you’re in for a treat! Spotty Frog has given me one of each set to giveaway! So instead of giving just one person the chance to win all four sets I’ve decided that we’ll have four winners so each will get a set. Entering is really simple, I was going to use Rafflecopter but I can’t get it to embed so instead we’ll do it the old fashioned way:

  1. Like Spotty Frog on Facebook and follow them on Twitter
  2. Like CupcakeMummy on Facebook and follow me on Twitter (if you don’t/haven’t already)
  3. Tweet about the giveaway: Win a set of Lunch Punch sandwich cutters from @SpottyFrogSA on or share it on facebook
  4. And of course leave a comment below telling me which of the 4 sets you would like to win.

Competition will close on Sunday and we’ll announce the winners on Monday as I think that would be a great start to the new week. wpid-sign-off.png

57 thoughts on “Lunch Punch sandwich cutters review and giveaway

  1. I have liked and tweeted and shared….

    All the sets are so cute. I have a daughter who is obsessed with planes and puzzles. I personally like the match and munch set.

  2. Tweeted and shared!
    If we win can we please have the puzzles? My son likes cars too.. but I like the puzzle pieces in the pics you have up :)
    To be honest my lunch will probably be cut in puzzles more often then his hehehe..

  3. Who said playing with your food was bad now my little boy can learn while having his meal..nom nom..I would love to win one of these sets coz my little boy just adores puzzle building his in grade 1 this year,match and munch..the set I would like him to be creative on :)

  4. Completed all the steps. And tweeted – @Ellelicious_

    These cutters are adorable! I think my little guy would LOVE the “Vrrrm!” or “Mix and Match” set. And I love what you did with the cookies!

    *holding thumbs*

  5. Have done all the necessary and would LOVE the puzzles. But don’t really mind which one. If I don’t win one I can’t see myself buying one as I can’t see hubby approving but he can’t complain if I win one. And even if I don’t win one he may just think I won one anyway!

  6. Please pick me! I REALLY want to be able to make puzzle sarmies for my kiddies – that’s my choice :) thanks so much!!!

  7. Followed you and @SpottyFrogSA
    I think #monsterman would love getting Match & Munch for school or even the Vrrrm range… very easy little man hehe but it would make lunches interesting :D

  8. Hi, i have liked both pages and shared about the competition on facebook, please can i have the puzzle pieces or the sandwishes!!! thank u!

  9. Shared on FB & will do so on Twitter in a few minutes :-D All the sets are great. The Sandwishes set is adorable!

  10. I would absolutely love to win the critter cutters! With two young toddlers, I need all the help I can get to make food interesting and appealing to them. Holding thumbs!

  11. Awesome prize, thanks! :) I’ve done all the tweeting and following and such. If I’m one of the lucky ones, the Critters Cutters sounds awesome :) Thanks again!

  12. I would LOVE to win the transport ones for my little car crazy guy! And he’s starting school on Wednesday, so it would be perfect! *holding thumbs*

  13. I. Absolutely <3 the Puzzle cut out! Marvellous idea!!! Eating sandwiches could be A LOT more fun!( For me too) hahaha! Yippppeeee

  14. Following and liked as requested! Awesome pages! I just LOVE the Sandwishes design, perfect for my Princess. Making lunchboxes FUN!!

  15. liked, followed tweeted & shared to facebook as instructed. All steps done. Love the Match & munch puzzle cutters
    Twittername: @online61524

  16. These are too cute! wonder if they have a mermaid shape to match your hair :D! Any shape suitable for a boy will be great! Have a fab day!

  17. Wow, these are amazing, can be so much fun using them!! I love the Match and Munch Puzzle cutters, so many different uses, and love that you used them for cookies…

  18. Absolutely brilliant!!! :D I’m a facebook fan (facebook name: Karien Saaiman), a twitter follower (twitter name: @karientjie16) and I’ve tweeted (my tweet:
    My 4-year-old daughter absolutely LOVES building puzzles so I know she would most definitely LOVE the ‘match & munch’ puzzle cutters ;) Here’s seriously holding thumbs I’m a lucky winner!!!
    Thank you for this really awesome giveaway!!! Good luck everyone :D

  19. Quen would love the critter cutters as he is crazy about animals. It would also be fantastic to have for his 3rd birthday party as we are using an animal theme.

  20. So cool! I’d love 2hav all 4 of them ;). But my 4yr old Ethan wud love the puzzles or the critters cutters. He’s real good wit puzzles and crazy about animals.

  21. Oooh I love these! Vrrrrm set looks cool although the other look pretty awesome too, so I’d be happy with either XD

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