Fatness to fitness

At the beginning of last year I took part in an A New Weigh Fat to Fit challenge and I did extremely well, I hit my goal weight and was finally happy with what I saw in the mirror but then things happened and I sat without work which meant that meals were pasta because it’s affordable when you have nothing and I regained what I lost and a little bit more. I look at myself in the mirror now and am disgusted with what I see, I hate photos being taken of me and I am simply hating myself which of course isn’t a great thing when you combine it with a personality disorder.

Yesterday I decided I can either keep on this way or I can do something about it. I decided that enough is enough, I’m doing something about it. So I dusted off my A New Weigh program and went and bought the groceries I needed. I’ve made up a menu for the week and go back to boxing tonight. I’m determined that this time it’s permanent and the great thing is that The Person has said he’ll support me all the way which is great cause I need the encouragement and him understanding makes it easier because at least he gets that from here on out I’m going to be a “fussy eater”. I’ll check in on Monday’s because when I write about it or make it public I’m more likely to stick to it so for the next few months get used to Monday’s being a status update of how things are going.

Not a new me but a better me.


10 thoughts on “Fatness to fitness

  1. I totally relate to this… it is is bizarre that when we are struggling financially we have to rely on the more junky or carb rich foods as they are cheaper and the lovely, healthy things stay out of our reach… makes no sense!

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