neglecting cupcakes

I’ve been a terrible blogger the past few months, I haven’t really been giving it much attention and have given preference to my writing of Like Life instead and I’ve recently started a second book which has been getting a lot of attention as well so when I’m not writing I’m drawing or working. So my days have been spent mostly furiously typing out the words that are stuck inside my head. 


Work has been, well it’s been tough. Last month I was only paid half my salary and with payday looming again and not knowing what’s going to happen this month has me in a tizzy and left with no will or desire to actually go in and work because yes, despite only being paid half my salary I’ve still been going in and working. I’m that person. 

Drawings are starting to slowly come in a little more steadily and I’m hoping that one day that’s what will pay my way so that I don’t have to worry about working for someone else. It’s a dream at least. That and that my writing will pay a little as well. Bliss, If you’re keen on a custom watercolour portrait send me a mail to: me at cupcakemummy dot com.


My person has been away and it’s been horrible, I really miss that beautiful soul. But we’re down to 7 sleepies till he’s home!

What else… I’m a bit behind on a few review blogs so I’ll be playing catchup the next few days. 

Oh right, we have a new little pet at home. Fysh’s rats decided to go all cannibal on each other which is why you haven’t heard about them in some time, he’s been pestering me for a kitten which we can’t have for a few reasons so yesterday I decided to go on a mission to find a rat, there’s a petstore down the road from us but all they had were dead rats (yeah, um… okay then) then I remembered that the garden center in Milnerton has a pet store. It must have been fate because they had one little hand reared baby girl and when they beeped the price for some reason it came up as R20 instead of R50… I’d already paid by the time they realised this so hey, bonus. I decided that this time we’ll just get the one though, I don’t need to come home to rats that have eaten each other, it’s not a pretty sight.  So welcome to our madhouse “Birdie”.



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